At Brazil Windpower, your company finds the best branding opportunities for a highly qualified audience. This is your chance to make your company stand out in the wind industry!


  • It is the largest event of the wind industry in Latin America and it is part of the wind industry international calendar. 

  • A highly segmented audience! BWP is a paid event, for that reason, only professionals who are related and interested in the industry join the event, which provides a meeting with an exclusive and selected audience enhancing negotiations.

  • You build an outstanding brand for an expected audience of 3,000 attendees, of which 70% are high level decision makers and leading brands in the industry.

  • Sponsoring a large event such as BWP is a proof of your company’s leadership and commitment to an industry that is dynamically expanding. 

  • From aluminium to hosts, BWP offers quotas that perfectly meet your needs. In addition, we are promoting many special actions that may be complimentary to your participation at the event.