ABEEólica (Brazilian Wind Energy Association) and GWEC (Global Wind Energy Council) are pleased to announce the rules for the submission of technical papers to be evaluated for publication and/or presentation during Brazil Wind Power 2021, to be held from November 03 – 05, 2021.




1. Categories 

Submitted papers must fit into one of the five categories below, with a clear relevance to one of the subtopics


- Wind Resource Analysis

a. Assessment, Analysis and Forecasting of Wind Resource

b. Measurement of Physical Wind Warranty and Generation Performance

c. Complementarity (between sources and/or between regions)


- New Technologies*

a. Hybrid Projects

b. Research, Development and innovation

c. Offshore wind power

d. Storage

* Excepting the new technologies for O&M, that fit in another category


- O&M

a. Studies and cases about wind farms operations

b. Studies and cases about wind farms maintenance

c. Innovations and new technologies in O&M

d. Artificial intelligence innovations and power performance

e. Turbine optimization, wind farm control and AEP increase

f. Wind turbine Retrofit and Life extension

g. Digitization: smart turbine, smart wind farm and value creation 


- Regulation and Markets

a. Studies, proposals and cases about Wind Power

b. Studies, proposals and cases about Wind Energy
Trading, at both regulated market (auctions) and free market.


- Environmental, social and economic benefits of wind power

a. Environmental management case studies, with results

b. Social management case studies, with results 

c. Case studies related to the environmental, social and economic benefits of wind power that include the element of innovation.


- Miscellaneous 

2. Format of Paper submissions

2.1 - All papers must have Full Title, Summary, Content and Bibliographic References. Under the ‘content’ section, the author would be expected to present the paper’s objective, focus, results and conclusions. 


2.2 – In case of papers written in Portuguese, consider ABNT standards for formatting, spacing, font and presentation of charts and tables. International submitters should consider the standards used for formatting technical papers in their country.


2.3 - Papers can be submitted in either Portuguese or English. In the case of papers in Portuguese, they must contain an abstract in English.


2.4 - Papers must have a maximum of 20 pages.


2.5 - Papers must be submitted electronically via the following website:, that will be available since June 21st 2021, according to the schedule presented below, at item 4.

3. Evaluation and Selection Criteria 

3.1 - Each category will have an evaluator responsible for analyzing submitted papers
under that theme. Evaluators are still being selected.


3.2 - Papers will be evaluated with grades from 0 to 10 for each of the following


- Literature

- Scope of the subject covered

- Applicability of the subject to the Brazilian wind sector  

- Degree of innovation of the subject in the sector

- Identification of the issue and proposed solutions       

- Scientific contribution of results  

- Quality of results obtained

- Formulation of conclusions        

- Quality of the text of the paper    

- General evaluation by the evaluator


3.3 - The final grade of the paper will be calculated based on the average grade of the criteria above.


3.4 - The 10 (ten) best-rated of each category will be chosen for publication. The first 5 (five) best ranked of each category will be invited to present the paper during Brazil Wind Power 2020.


3.5 – The evaluator may ask for corrections to be made by the author, so the paper can be published and/or presented. The author will have a deadline to make such corrections. Failure to do so on time will entail disqualification.

4. Schedule

- 06/21/2021: Announcement of the Call for Papers- 06/21/2021: Papers can be submitted through the website indicated above in 2.5

- 07/30/2021: Last day for submission of papers

- 08/27/2021: Communication with the authors of papers for which amendments need to be made. Authors will need to submit the corrections indicated by 09/10/2021. If they do not submit the corrections by the indicated deadline, they will be disqualified.

- 09/24/2021: The authors of the selected papers will receive an email communication informing them if their work is selected for presentation and/or publication.

- 10/01/2021: The presentation schedule of the selected papers will be published on the event website.

- 10/15/2021: Authors of the papers selected for presentation must send their final PowerPoint presentation

- 10/20-21/2021: Virtual presentation of the papers.

5. Presentation  

5.1 - Authors of the papers selected for presentation should use a “PowerPoint” template provided by the organizers


5.2 - Presentations must be sent by electronic means, by email by 10/15/2021.


5.3 - The presentation of the selected works will take place at 10/20-21/2021, as part of the Brazil Wind Power program. The presentation grid will be published on the event's website on 10/01/2021, indicating the time each author will have. for your presentation.


5.4 - Presentation timings will be strictly monitored to ensure compliance with the schedule.


5.5 - Each presentation can only be presented by a single Author/Presenter.


5.6 - The Author/Presenter must be at the presentation location, at the scheduled time. If an author/presenter is not present at the allocated time, the presentation can no longer take place.


5.7 – The presentation room will be equipped with a projection area and projection equipment.


5.8 - Certificates will be provided which include the title of the presentation, name of presenter and authors, as it appears in the registration form. Only one certificate per paper will be delivered by email after the event.

6. Publication of Papers

The papers selected for presentation will be compiled into an online
publication, to be made available on the event's website and on the ABEEólica
website. The publication will have an ISBN number (International Standard
Book Number)

7. Access to the event 

7.1. Authors of the selected papers will receive a pass to access the Brazil Windpower Exhibition as well as the rooms where the papers will be presented.


7.2. Each paper selected for presentation is entitled to one free full pass to
Brazil Windpower 2021, with full access to all sessions, dinner and lunch.
For papers with more than one author, authors must choose who will use the full