It is time to reinvent yourself to stay close and continue to disseminate content and generate business. For this reason, we transformed the 2021 edition of BRAZIL WINDPOWER into a 100% digital event, maintaining the quality and reach of our audience and contemplating the 3 main pillars of the event:

- Content: Exclusive content rooms for updates, debates with big names in the electric sector and launch of products and services.

- Networking: Meeting of professionals who are directly and indirectly connected to the Brazilian electricity sector, in thematic rooms and meetings scheduled to exchange experiences.

- Business: Virtual exhibition through an emergency service environment with promotion and exhibition of products and services for you to find new suppliers, customers and do business.








The Brazil Windpower congresses bring together, over 3 days, the main authorities and executives of the sector who discuss the main issues of the wind sector today. Among its participants, more than 70% have strong influence and decision power in their companies, making the Brazil Windpower congress a unique opportunity for networking and brand impact before the highest echelon of the national wind sector.


With highly relevant content, the congress counts the participation of the main executives of the wind sector, marginal (banks, technologies, insurance, etc.) and the governance of the electricity sector (MME, Aneel, EPE, ONS and CCEE) for an intense debate. It's a great opportunity for your company to highlight your brand! 

Focused on the Operations and Maintenance environment, the congress brings leading experts from leading companies in the industry for open and valuable debate.







Content 365 days per year!

And to complete your disclosure plan, we present the CanalEnergia Portal - one of the main communication portals in the electricity sector.

Promote your brand and/or presence at the event to more than 28 thousand subscribers. There are several options to impact them.