Transformation is part of every business, and for 2020 we transformed Brazil Windpower into a 100% digital event that will cover the 3 main pillars of a face-to-face event, maintaining the quality and audience of a business event.


It is time to reinvent and to stay close and continue with the dissemination of content, promoting the meeting between thousands of professionals who have the same purpose, we have prepared a virtual environment, 100% safe.

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The Brazil Windpower congresses bring together, over 3 days, the main authorities and executives of the sector who discuss the main issues of the wind sector today. Among its participants, more than 70% have strong influence and decision power in their companies, making the Brazil Windpower congress a unique opportunity for networking and brand impact before the highest echelon of the national wind sector.


With highly relevant content, the congress counts the participation of the main executives of the wind sector, marginal (banks, technologies, insurance, etc.) and the governance of the electricity sector (MME, Aneel, EPE, ONS and CCEE) for an intense debate. It's a great opportunity for your company to highlight your brand! 

Focused on the Operations and Maintenance environment, the congress brings leading experts from leading companies in the industry for open and valuable debate.